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About Visa

The details of the documents required are mentioned under the specific category below. However, please note the following points :-
  1. All documents (including bank statements) should only be printed on A4 size sheet.
  2. The Documents should only be printed on one side. Documents printed on both side are not acceptable.
  3. Please do not staple any sheets.

Short Term Visa

A stay of up to 90 days for tourism, business, attending conference, visiting friends/acquaintance, etc., that does not include paid activities

Long Term Visa - With Certificate of Eligibility

A stay of over 90 days for performing paid work (professor, journalist, researcher, engineer, etc.), to study, for training, etc.

Family members of the Indians with Japanese Employment Visa


Medical Visa

For medical check-ups and treatment, and related services. The visa is issued not only to patients but also their accompanying person(s) if necessary.

Transit Visa

Activities are limited to sightseeing, leisure, and rest. Applicants must be traveling to foreign country from another foreign country via Japan who wish to stay in Japan for a short period (up to 15 days).