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How do I Apply for a Visa

The Embassy of Japan has introduced a new facility to meet the increasing numbers of foreign nationals visiting Japan, as a result of attraction of Japan towards visitors from India. It is our constant effort to provide greater comfort and convenience to our visa applicants.

Applicants residing in territories which fall within the jurisdiction of the Embassy of Japan, New Delhi will have the facility to submit his/her application to the closest Japan Visa Information & Application Centre as per their convenience.

All information pertaining to Japan Visa Application is available on this website. We encourage all visa applicants to apply for their visa in the procedure explained below for speedy progress of their applications. Kindly read all details specified thoroughly for successful submission of your applications.

Step 1

Understand / Know Your Travel Requirement

As per your travel plan, kindly select for an appropriate visa category in order to obtain list of requisite documents to support your application.

Step 2

Download & Fill Your Visa Application Form

Carefully complete the Application Form in order to provide accurate, satisfactory and complete information for processing your application in time and to avoid delay or rejection of your application file.

Step 3

Prepare Your Application File

Please follow the Checklist and Questionnaire whilst arranging all your documents in a proper sequence as specified carefully. Do not forget to sign your document/(s) wherever necessary. Go through photo specification to avoid any inconvenience.

For Group Applications: Please note that the normal processing time for a Group Visa is usually 7 working days from the day the application is submitted to the Embassy. Applicants / Representatives are requested to submit Group Visa Applications considering the above mentioned processing time to avoid any Inconvenience.

20 years Validity / Handwritten Passports: It is mandatory for applicants holding 20 years validity / handwritten passports to mention about the same in the remarks column of checklist. Also note that starting 25th November 2015, foreign governments may deny visa or entry to persons travelling with non-machine readable passports.

Step 4

Submit Your Application

Intended travellers can submit their applications according to the business hours mentioned as per the convenience

Step 5

Application Processing, Payment of Visa Fee & Service Charges

Once you have checked in with our welcome desk, please collect your token number and then you will be directed to a counter where our Customer Service Officer will verify the presence and compliance of all of your required documentation. If the Visa Application Form or any supporting document is incomplete, then you will be given a follow-up form indicating which documents are missing…under such circumstances you will be requested to complete the same and then visit JVIAC again to re-submit your application. If your application is in order, please proceed to make payment towards the applicable Visa Fee & Service Charges. Collect your Acceptance Note against application submitted, which needs to be presented at the time of passport collection.

In case you plan to submit your application through a representative such as family member/relative/friend or a travel agency, then under such circumstances the concerned representative should carry a valid photographic identification proof in original and an authorization letter signed by you.

Step 6

Track Your Visa Application

You can track the status of your application through our website link "Track your visa application".

Kindly key in your Bar Code Number and Date of Birth for verification purpose to avail information on progress made towards your application.

You can also call on our helpline number or email us to check the status of your passport only after completion of minimum processing time which is 3 clear working days. (Group visa applications can/will take longer duration)

Step 7

Passport Return

Once your visa application has been processed by the Embassy of Japan, an E-mail notification (if you have provided your email id during application submission) and/or SMS notification (if you have opted for the service during application submission) is sent informing you to come and collect your passport from the CKGS Japan Visa Information & Application Centre.

If during the time of submission, you have opted to receive your passport through courier, then your passport will be handed over to the courier agency the same day we have received them from the Embassy of Japan.

Step 8

Collect Your Passport

To collect your passport physically, please visit our Japan Visa Information & Application Centre with your Acceptance Note assigned at the time of submission of your application.

If you wish to designate a representative to collect your passport, then under such situation your representative should bring a written authorization letter signed by you, along-with your Acceptance Note, and an original copy of their own photographic ID, such as a passport or driving license. Once your application process is complete, all of your records will get automatically purged from our servers.