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Short Term Visa

Temporary visitor visa for sightseeing with Guarantor or Visiting Friends / Acquaintances

(For Those With Nationalities Other Than China, Russia, CIS Countries, Georgia And Philippines)
 (For Participation In Meetings, Business Affairs, Cultural Exchanges, Sports Exchanges Etc)



Purpose of Visit

(Participation in meetings, Business affairs (business liaison, business consultations, contract signing, after - sales service, market research), Cultural exchange, Sports exchange, etc.)


Provided by visa applicant

2.1 Valid Passport
2.2 1 Visa application form
2.3 1 Photo (Passport Size) (The photograph should be color with size 45mm&45mm, white background and printed on good quality paper. Photos with dark or patterned backgrounds will not be accepted.) For more information, please click
2.4 Confirmation slip, certificate, or o ther documents to prove reservation of air or ship boarding ticket
2.5 Proof of sufficient funds t o defray all the expenses while in Japan
  • A certificate of income or tax payment issued by a public agency for the last 2 financial years AND
  • Certificate of deposit balance
2.6 Documents to prove kinship
  • Visiting Relatives ... Birth certificate , Marriage certificate, Certified copy of the family register, etc.
  • Visiting acquaintances/friends ... Photo s , Letters, E - mail s , Bills for international phone calls, etc


Prepared by inviting person/guarantor in Japan

3.1 Invitation Letter
3.2 When the inviter or his/her spouse is Japanese) Certified copy of the family register ’ Kosekitohon ’
3.3 (When there are multiple applicants ) List of Visa Applicants

List of Visa Applicants
3.4 Itinerary during stay in Japan

Itinerary in Japan


Prepared by the guarantor who pays for the above - mentioned travel expenses

4.1 Letter of guarantee
4.2 More than one of the following documents concerning the guarantor
  • The latest Certificate of Income / Taxation issued by the head of administration of the place of residence, or a certificate of tax payment (Form 2) issued by the director of the tax office (Note1 ) Each certificate should indicate the gross income for the previous year. (Note2) Statement of Tax Withholding is not acceptable.
  • A copy of the counterfoil of final tax return with the seal of reception of the Tax Office. (e - Tax : submit Receipt Notification and Final Tax Return
  • A certificate of deposit balance
4.3 Certificate of residence ’ Jyuminhyo ’ (with description of his/ her family relationship with all family members)
4.4 (When the guarantor is a foreign national) Copies of both sides of the valid Residence C ard , a Certificate of R esidence (with all matters listed except for Individual Number(“My Number”) and Resident Record Code) ,
A copy of his/her passport (including the pages of status items, record s of entry/departure, and permission of residence)

For more detailed information, please go through

Please note - The above is only a guide to the documents you should provide with your visa application. The Embassy of Japan may request you for additional documents depending on your personal circumstances.

  1. Granting a visa is the sole discretion of the Embassy of Japan - New Delhi. CKGS has no role to play in it.
  2. Embassy may grant a Single Entry visa even if you apply under the Multiple Entry category.

Visa Fees and Service Charges including tax

Nationality Single Entry Visa Fees charged by Embassy CKGS
service Fees
Total Multiple Entry Fees charged by Embassy CKGS
service Fees
per applicant
Per applicant
per applicant
per applicant
per applicant
per pplicant
All OTHER NATIONALITY( including Tibetan Yellow Passport Holders (Stateless) etc) 1,840
per applicant
per applicant
per applicant
per applicant
per applicant
per pplicant

Optional Service Charges

Optional Service Package Rate, including tax, in local currency and in Rupees ()

Service Charges


Price Per Application

Courier Passports will be returned by courier to address within Delhi 275 for the first 500 gms and further
100 for every additional 500 gms
Passports will be returned by courier to address within India 330 for the first 500 gms and further
100 for every additional 500 gms
Passports will be returned by courier to address anywhere in India on "Time definite Delivery: basis 385 for the first 500 gms and further
100 for every additional 500 gms
SMS 4 SMS alerts at various stages of the application Life cycle will be sent to the applicant's mobile number 100 per applicant
Form Filling CKGS staff will provide assistance to applicant to fill up the Visa Application Form 110 per passport
Photocopy Service /
Fax / Email
CKGS will arrange to download, print or take copy of documents for Visa application purpose 3 per page
Photo Booth Service CKGS will help applicant with photo booth service where photographs can be taken for Japan Visa application as per specification prescribed by Embassy 200 for 4 photos
** Note:
  • All the service fees and charges charged by CKGS are non refundable, even if the application is refused or withdrawn.
  • The fees mentioned above includes all taxes.
  • For Immediate Travel Cases: Please note that the normal processing time for a Business Visa is minimum 3 working days from the day the application is submitted to the Embassy. However, if there is an urgent travel requirement within the next three days, the applications can only be accepted at the CKGS Visa application centre with an E-mail on or a duly signed letter submitted acknowledging the acceptance of minimum three working day’s processing time condition.
    CKGS Japan Visa Application centre requires this E-mail / Letter of acknowledgment from the Applicant/Company Representative/Authorized signatory of the company before the applications are submitted reasoning out on the urgency. The Email / Letter should also mention that CKGS has informed the applicant about the minimum timeframe of 3 working days and that the Embassy may take longer time. There is no guarantee that they will get their visa before their travel.
    Please note that the E-mail / Letter nowhere guarantees early Visa as the time taken is minimum 3 working days. It is at the sole discretion of the Embassy and CKGS has no role to play in the decision making process.